Whether it's your birthday or gotcha day, we've got you covered. The Celebration Pack contains 2 cakes, 2 large bones, and 6 love,enzo hearts. Our signature Vegan PB Banana Flavor is drool worthy and will get tails wagging. Name a better gift...we'll wait!


Simply select "Birthday" or "Gotcha" and enter your pups name in the Customization field. We'll take care of the rest! No extra charge. We know, we spoil you.

P.S. If your dog has a nickname, let us know as the characters are limited!


From one spoiled dog to another...




P.S. Every purchase comes with a complimentary roll of poop bags!

The Celebration Pack

  • Treats should be consumed within 2 weeks however should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to last longer. 

    For smaller size dogs, break treat into tiny pieces to feed. Provide water, always.

    As much as we wish they were, treats are not a meal replacement. Always supervise your dog when they're snacking and discard a treat if a potential hazard presents itself.